Hello. What you see represents the beginning of a huge project. Before you is the social network INFINITY. It is absolutely decentralized, not controlled by anyone and cannot be moderated. It's just a chain of NFT tokens. Right now you can make your first post by sending any message in the form of an NFT token to the specified address. It can be your photo, video, whatever. 

I am sure that real masterpieces will be born in our chain, because in fact, we have begun a new chronicle. A chronicle that can't be stopped now. It will pass through the rings of time, through the centuries, through the millennia. And everyone wants and can! Leave your message here. Part of myself!!!

After some time, your message will appear on this page (no more than one day, while I do everything by hand and still looking for a programmer). Clicking on your post on the site will take you directly to the token. In the future, a search will appear here, a convenient way to create NFT messages.

It's amazing how fast things are evolving...

I'm happy to announce that a new platform is being added to the project. I will study its capabilities in detail. Now I will conduct a dialogue with you on two platforms. I will support multiplatform. For the NEAR lovers, today I branded the first 10 NFTs for nothing. AIRDROP 10 NFTs. ∞

NEAR is the future! NEAR is the most intelligent community I have ever met in my life. The best of the best.

The most extraordinary day in my life!

I can say with confidence that today was one of the most unusual and joyful days in my life. The weather was constantly changing, from hot to cool, from rain to bright sun. One of the most unusual acquaintances took place today. Perhaps you will meet this person here someday. And he will express his opinion about what is happening.

I am also very optimistic about one blockchain project called NEAR. I have yet to test it and make sure that everything is as sunny as it seems to me. And if this is all so, then we practically get rid of the payment for transactions. Or rather, we reduce their cost by a thousand times and should reach a couple of cents per transaction. This speeds up the project many times and reduces the cost of interaction. What could be cooler than creating a token for a couple of cents and transfer it to another wallet for a fraction of a cent.

NEAR has its own coin. It is in Trust Wallet, and this already at least means that it will be very convenient to use it and the tokens will be displayed correctly.

And what is VERY important! NEAR operates on the principle of proof of stake, which makes this blockchain one of the most environmentally friendly.

But I also want to leave ETH in the project. The idea came from RAINBOW BRIGE from NEAR.

I will have my own bridge between blockchains. Same colors: red, orange and yellow. We'll leave it on air. There are expensive transactions, expensive cells. It seems to me that soon we will perceive the first ETHERIUM as something so valuable that we will be wildly surprised at how boldly and cheaply we burned it. And all the works on it will cost really very expensive. Moreover, there may come a time (with the current speed of blockchain development, this is no more than 4-5 years) when such an abundant amount of NFT tokens on the air will seem like an insignificant and very narrow period of time and frenzied generosity. They will ALL be very valuable, just some are FANTASTIC valuable.


Everything is spinning.

Every day my confidence in the success of creating our common work of art grows stronger. From the reaction of some people, I see a huge interest in the project. I would say more, the people around, for the most part, understand what I am talking about, sometimes not immediately, but gradually understand. But many still do not understand the main thing. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are no longer a temporary phenomenon. It's already forever. And the right question should not be “how much can it cost dollars?”, but “how much will it cost in ETH and BITCOIN, in other cryptocurrencies?”. Blockchain is like the discovery of electricity, it existed before, but they did not know how to use it until it was discovered. So is Blockchain NFT, now this world is open, and we have yet to learn it. Right now we are seeing the golden age of Blockchain. period of the new renaissance.
Technology is rushing forward, Elon Musk is launching satellites with the global Internet. Namely, he is the main engine of everything new and incredible in the world. And he made a bet on Blockchain.
My sister also released her first three NFTs yesterday - THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT series

Hello everyone.

Today is the third day since I launched the messenger and sent my first message in the form of a token to the most expensive NFT artist in the world — BEEPLE. Directly to the crypto wallet.
I also launched and now I'm testing a fully decentralized social network.
What you are reading now is information entered into the blockchain in the form of an NFT token and there is no force in the world capable of destroying this text.
The current events are starting to take on such an intriguing turn that I decided to run my own decentralized blog, and since I'm still alone here, I'll have to conduct a monologue.
Today I told many friends about the project, about the site, everyone shows interest, but not everyone understands the consequences of what is happening, the significance of what is happening. In the light of all the events of recent years, we continue to witness a total and accelerating transformation. I am very glad that I had the strength to jump on this train of new technologies.
We named the social part of our project: INFINITY. This is a messenger, social network and video hosting based on ETHERIUM NFT. The INFINITY logo has an infinity sign.
The name and symbol are fully consistent with how INFINITY works.
The network is the address of the wallet I created. This address, like an endless thread, can hold an infinite number of NFT tokens, and therefore store an infinite amount of information for an infinite amount of time - this is mathematics and Blockchain.
At this address, I started creating NFT tokens, one by one, broadcasting information from the token to the site.
This network works on the principle of Twitter. An endless stream of NFT tokens that people send to this address.
How can you write here?
Connect your ETHERIUM wallet to Create your own NFT token. You can attach a picture of a child, a photo of yourself, a photo of your family, a beloved dog, or whatever. Give the token (post) a name. Write what you want to say to the whole world in the form of a message. In the open text part. But be careful, because it is your message that will be the first public post on the INFINITY blockchain.
Then, be sure to do this thing: click "Properties" write SERIES - INFINITY, SERIES - SOCIAL, AUTHOR - your nickname or name. This will later allow you to find your post and will be automated.
In the closed part, write what you want only ANIMEM🔴, MEL🔴DY and 🔴#NFT to know, or don't write anything. Complete freedom of creativity. Then send the post made in this way to the wallet address indicated in capital letters.
After some time, your post will appear on the website with a link to the blockchain, which anyone can check and verify the authenticity of the information.
Enough for a first post. ))
I wonder who will answer me first?



NEAR: infinitynft.near
ETH: 0x95883a8bb3fc36b9bdf3d937be96a7901306ce13