Season 1

The new Metaverse is approaching! We invite you to take your unique chance and steal an egg! Exactly in a week a new story will begin and the egg will disappear.

One day, a fox ran past the cave of a black dragon in search of food, and decided to look into it. There he saw an egg of extraordinary beauty.

While the dragon was looking the other way, Fox quickly grabbed an egg and rushed away from the cave.

The dragon chased the Fox, but it was too late. It disappeared in a narrow cleft between the rocks, where there was a passage to the other side of the mountain.

The dragon soared above, but the fox had already disappeared into a dense forest.

Once in the woods, the fox felt someone's gaze on him and quickened his pace. He knew for sure that someone was watching him.

Confident that he had escaped, the fox headed to his house in a hill with his precious trophy in a bag.

The fox was starving, so decided to has the meal right away. It sat down at the dining table, when suddenly ...

The dragon broke into the house in all his fury, and in the chaos, the egg fell and began to crack. And then the incredible happened!

A beam of light broke from the Dragon's Egg, and with the force of a tornado, began to pull the fox and everything around it into its funnel.

Everyone who has all 10 pieces will receive a whole comic as a gift.

ARTISTS: luda.near, melodynft.near, animem.near, infinitynft.near, emilysaw.near