Chrome, Desktop, Test wallet only. dev alpha version

Hi, this is the alpha version of our Meta UNIverse "AMBER".
 We're opening it up to all users and celebrating it with a givethe unique NFT - "KEY" and starting the second season of the comic.
Don't miss your chance. Every key holder will receive a drop in the future.

We were inspired by the idea of creating a virtual world with its own economy based on NEAR blockchain, gathered a small team of developers and artists and started brainstorming on the idea. We all had different visions at first, and after writing and outlining our ideas on the Whitepaper, we finally got ready to develop our product MVP and found a common vision. We did our first Agile assessment and planning and started our sprints. Step by step we developed the software architecture, selected the right technology stack and started to develop the frontend, the game environment and the blockchain interaction.We got an Open world with endless possibilities, where people can communicate, play and trade. AMBER is a meta universe where it's up to the community to integrate the possibilities.

What does it do
We used Unity as a game engine and brought out the game with webgl technology in react web application with backend on smart contracts Rust blockchain Near and HTTP requests in IPFS to bring out NFT from marketplaces Mintbase and Paras in our game.

Our metaverse Unites people, allows them to play, buy and sell property, build businesses, fall in love and host concerts, travel and even create new worlds.

How we built it
We've always had one strategy in mind: filling up the backlog and steadfastly striving to achieve our goal. Practically working every day and being flexible in our product vision.

What's next for the AMBER open source NFT meta-universe game and meta-universe API
In the near future we plan to implement loading game scenes and objects via IPFS to reduce memory usage and get much closer to selling NFT lands in the metaverse and mincing those nft in our Amber creator plugin in Unity. Start from scratch building levels and character models. Pay special attention to model and world optimization. The character model has to be worked out separately, it has to look cool and organic in this strange new world. The Amber city with its main buildings is built separately. The number of possible participants increases to at least 100. first official closed beta test (possible solution to the problem of a large number of people not showing everyone) A separate team creates smart contracts which: Allows you to buy and sell land, get tokens for an event (eg searching and collecting mushrooms that randomly appear in the forest). Allows you to get NFTs for an event. Kill an enemy, get an NFT. Create and connect panel with interface output and connection of smart contracts, for example ref finance

In the long run, we see it like this.

Amber is a three-dimensional blockchain-based social network that aims to bring human relationships closer by allowing people to use blockchain. You can buy land, build on it and show it off. The more you build, the more you earn. It combines open source software, digital assets and blockchain capabilities to create communities with real economic value

Amber's metaverse allows anyone to create their own virtual world in the same meta-space as a friend and use it to host games. It provides Amber Creator as well as JavaScript and Rust APIs for creating custom games, so you can easily create your own blockchain-based games. Developers can create any game they can imagine, from MMORPGs to casino games, from strategy to social games.

Amber Creator is a game development tool that allows you to create blockchain-based browser games and applications. The tool is designed with a focus on allowing developers to quickly create