There are many parallel worlds. Which created two powerful creatures - the Black Dragon and the Magician Alex.

Various creatures live in these worlds. Technological and magical - whatever imagination can imagine. There is no end to these worlds, just as there are no barriers to opportunities. All worlds are separated from each other and the transition between them is possible only through the magical gate-portals. 

These gates can only be opened with a magic key, which is kept in the center of the main city - Amber.  This key protects an energy cocoon that is powered by a unique artifact and a source of eternal energy stored away from prying eyes, in another world under the reliable protection of the Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon is the great and eternal inventor of all that exists and guards the cherished source of energy and knowledge - the golden egg. 

The egg is a source of power that is accidentally destroyed, which leads to a loss of harmony and balance among the worlds and chaos, which begins to move towards the main city - Amber. In Amber itself, all these events lead to the fact that the dark forces steal the key from all the gates and now all the worlds begin to mix .. 

From one world, our hero finds himself in another, thanks to a broken magic egg. What is described by the NFT history:

 “One day the fox ran past the cave of the black dragon in search of food and decided to look into it. There he saw an egg of extraordinary beauty. While the dragon was looking in the other direction, the Fox quickly grabbed the egg and rushed away from the cave. The dragon chased after Fox, but it was too late. He disappeared into a narrow crevice between the rocks, where there was a passage to the other side of the mountain. The dragon soared up, and the fox had already disappeared into the dense forest. Once in the forest, the fox felt someone's gaze on him and quickened his pace. He knew for sure that someone was watching him. Confident that he had escaped, the fox headed for his home on the hill with the precious trophy in his bag. The fox was very hungry, so he decided to eat right away. He sat down at the dining table, when suddenly ... The dragon burst into the house in all its rage, and in the chaos the egg fell to the floor and began to crack. And then the incredible happened! A ray of light escaped from the Dragon Egg and, with the force of a tornado, began to draw the fox and everything around into its funnel.

 (All this is presented in the form of an NFT comic. The picture is clickable)

Now welcome to Amber itself.

There is a certain center - a peaceful city, in which a peaceful life and trade flows. This is the main city - Amber. In it, the inhabitants do not have the opportunity to shoot at each other. 

But a great danger is approaching the city in the form of a dark road that ran out of the surrounding chaos. From time to time, various monsters appear from this road, which threaten the city and wreak havoc throughout the universe.

The city is stylized as an old one.
Parts of the city can be futuristic, parts can be ruins, parts can reflect the real world.
In it, the story described above is perceived as about the chosen one, who must save all Amber.
The city has many portals that open transitions to other game universes.
One of them is our shooter. But it can be quests and riddles, everything that the imagination of the creators of these worlds will allow.